Full Service Media & Marketing communications Firm


As a top notch experiential marketing agency in Nigeria, we are well equipped to set up creative experiential marketing campaigns and event-driven marketing strategies which include field marketing, sales promotions and events marketing.

FIELD MARKETING– Our field marketing activities covers product demonstrations, roadshows, sampling, merchandising, branding, giveaways, feedbacks and direct sales at retail locations, events, campuses, or in public locations to create awareness, increase sales and elicit engagement with the consumers. Our insights will also be useful information to improve on the brand.

SALES PROMOTION– Our sales promotions strategies are designed to increase brand awareness leading to increase in sales and customer satisfaction, regardless of the sector or size of the business. Our approaches include Retail Point of Sale (P.O.S.) production, Experiential Programs, Seeding & Direct Marketing, Merchandizing and Incentives deployment. Our processes also encourage and motivate dealers’ distributors and retailers to give client’s products more shelf space through packaged promotional strategies. And through visual merchandising displays, we aim to make clients products more visible and appealing over competitors.  This will regularly prompt impulse purchases.

EVENTS MARKETING– Through our event marketing campaigns, we create lasting unique experiences and powerful impressions for brands among the target audience through deliberate and strategic interactions. Our Events Marketing activities cover Product Launch, Event Production & Promotion, Experiential activations Branding Demonstrations and Marketing Projects. From equipment, personnel, venues and concepts, we create memorable events with the right ambience that will shape attendees’ perceptions and earn their trust.