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: MME Africa won the national experiential marketing bid of the CWAY Group to provide engaging activation for one of its products, Nutrimilk across the six geopolitical zones of the country. It was the first national activation for the brand and the company relies on our feedback to further improve on the product. Across the different geopolitical zones in the country, we conducted a hitch free experiential marketing which increased the popularity of the brand among the consumers.
SPECIFICS: Our company provided tailored experiential marketing campaign for the brand in real life and digital experience. The entire campaign was streamed live on Nutrimilk Facebook page and was watched by over 20,000 people who were not part of the activations in the comfort of their homes and offices.
Experiential Marketing
Market Insights
Consumer Engagements & Insights
Branding of all activation materials including the buses
Secured Activation spaces and permits

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PROJECT NAME: ONE Africa ‘Do Agric’ Project
OVERVIEW: The ONE Africa ‘Do Agric’ project was initiated by international advocacy orgnaisation, ‘ONE Campaign’ to encourage African leaders to make good on their promises to improve their investments in agriculture and provide employments for the youths.
SPECIFICS: MME Africa provided media strategy, research and public relations for the campaign.
Agricultural Research
Media Strategy
Public Relations
INDUSTRY: Agriculture, Government
WEBSITE: www.one.org

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PROJECT NAME: African And Caribbean Business Expo, AACBE (2012 and 2013)
OVERVIEW: MME Africa was engaged to provide brand communications for the African And Caribbean Business Expo for two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013.
SPECIFICS: The event was designed for businesses seeking to expand and win new contracts in Africa and around the world. The vision is to open people’s eyes to the opportunities in Africa and Carribean. With the appropriate use of public relations tactics, MME Africa engaged the Nigerian government and the business community with great emphasis about the investment opportunities and other benefits that abound if the two continents could collaborate on several businesses and initiatives using Courteville Solutions PLC as a case study. In 2015, Courteville announced its acquisition of the motor damage assessment and valuation arm of Priority Group International Ltd, Priority Loss Adjusters (PLA) Jamaica, in a deal that will result in up to J$300 million investment over the next 3-5 years.
Public Relations
Media Strategy
Media Relations
WEBSITE: www.courtevillegroup.com

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PROJECT NAME: The re-launch of Nigezie and the official launch of Orisun
OVERVIEW: MME Africa was engaged by Virtual Media Networks (VMN) to handle the re-launch of its premium 24 hours music and lifestyle channel, Nigezie and to also provide brand communications for the launch of another 24 hours movie channel, Orisun.
SPECIFICS: Our company provided the two premium channels with tailored media strategies, public relations, brand communications and digital interactions.
Brand Communications
Media strategy
Public Relations
Digital Interactions
INDUSTRY: Media, Entertainment

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OVERVIEW: MME Africa was engaged to provide brand communications for the launch of Soforte, Nigeria’s first automated music distribution company in 2011. We developed sustained media strategies that changed the conversation of music distribution in Nigeria. Soforte became the latest bride for all Nigeria artistes, and A-list artistes like Femi Kuti, D’Banj, 9ice, Sammie Okposo and many others eventually worked with the company for the distribution of their albums.
SPECIFICS: MME Africa provided brand communications and promotional strategy which led to the overall acceptance of the brand in the entertainment industry.
Brand Communications
Promotional/Media Strategy
Public Relations

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PROJECT NAME: ONE Africa Campaign Against Ebola
OVERVIEW: The Ebola epidemic was a threat to the existence of the entire world especially the West African country with the rate at which people were losing their lives. The disease defied all forms of cure and killed thousands of people in a matter of days.
SPECIFICS: MME Africa was engaged to provide communications strategies to educate the people on the best ways to prevent the disease and how to care for those already infected.
Media Strategy/Media Relations
Public/Community Relations

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PROJECT NAME: Nigeria Wine & Spirit Festival (NWSF)
OVERVIEW: The first Nigeria Wine & Spirit Festival (NWSF) held at the Lagoon Restaurant, Lagos on June 22nd and 23rd, 2010. Being the first of its kind in Nigeria, MME Africa developed and launched media strategies for the promotion of the event to attract the wine connoisseurs and the general public.
SPECIFICS: MME Africa provided brand value for the event with sensational public relations tactics that created conversations among the wine connoisseurs and other stakeholders. The resultant effect of the good publicity helped in the success of the event.
Brand Communications
Media Strategy
Media Buying/Advertisement
Public Relations
Below the line advertisement

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PROJECT NAME: Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Scheme
OVERVIEW: MME Africa provided brand communications and promotional strategy for the Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Scheme (NEIHIS), a private customized health insurance scheme for the entertainment industry in Nigeria
SPECIFICS: MME Africa provided brand communications, visual identity, logo creation and the entire promotional strategy for the Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Scheme (NEIHIS).
Project Naming
Logo Creation
Visual Identity
Brand Communications
Promotional Strategy
Media Buying/Advertisement
INDUSTRY: Health, Entertainment
WEBSITE: www.neihis.org

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COMPANY NAME- COURTEVILLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (Annual General Meetings/Facts Behind the Figures.)
OVERVIEW: Courteville Business Solutions (CBS) PLC is one of the listed companies on Nigeria’s Stock Exchange.
SPECIFICS: MME Africa always make good use of media relations to share the success story of the company at the end of every business year to various shareholders and other prospective investors. MME Africa projects the company in a very good light that generates lots of goodwill and increases shareholders confidence.
Media Strategy
Media Relations
Public Relations
INDUSTRY: Business
Website: www.courtevillegroup.com

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PROJECT NAME: Poverty is Sexist
OVERVIEW: ONE Campaign introduced ‘Poverty is Sexist’ campaign to encourage African leaders to empower women as part of the 2015 African Union Year of Women Empowerment.
SPECIFICS: MME Africa was engaged to launch and propagate the campaign by providing communications targeted at the Government and decision makers in highly placed organisations.
Brand Communications
Media Strategy
Government Relations
Government Lobbying

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COMPANY NAME: IMAN One and Trybe Records
OVERVIEW: MME Africa managed media campaign, damage control and management of the biggest merger so far in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, IMAN One and Trybe Records merger. Trybe Records founded by Nigerian rapper, eLDee was at that time one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels while IMAN One was the biggest investor in the entertainment industry. IMAN One eventually acquired Trybe Records.
SPECIFICS: Our company developed and deployed the best communications strategy for the merger and the eventual acquisition.
Brand Communications
Media Strategy
Crisis Management
Public Relations
INDUSTRY: Entertaiment