Full Service Media & Marketing communications Firm


PR has changed over the last several years; digital is transforming media.

What conversations are you having with the prospective customers, who are they and how are you sharing the compelling stories? As a top notch PR firm, our clients take comfort in our over 10 years of experience and in our custom; we operate within our client’s budget with expected deliverables spelt out. At the end of every campaign, we provide clients with digital copies of all traditional newspaper and magazine placements, links to online articles and records of TV and radio mentions. Then, we also continue to respond to journalists’ requests on former clients’ behalf long after their campaigns end. Our integrated public relations activities include:

MEDIA RELATIONS– Strategic media relations, in-depth expertise and ingenious storytelling coupled with in-depth knowledge of markets, cultures, and issues would remain important for brands to reach across multiple marketing channels. Planning, researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media which include print media, online news platforms, TV, Radio and social media platforms are covered in our services. We also analyze and collate media coverage

CRISIS MANAGEMENT– With the rise of digital and social media, people expect quick responses to issues as they arise. In most cases, if you don’t respond within the first few hours, they typically jump to two conclusions, that the brand is guilty or that it’s not in control of its message.  One principle that’s existed in PR for decades is, ‘If you don’t tell your story, someone else will’.Our agency works with individuals and organisations to manage crisis situations with well ochestrated PR plans.  

COMMUNITY RELATIONS– Our in-depth research and experience helps to identify communities’ common interests and ethnic or religious ties. This helps to decide where to place the bulk of the community relations efforts that will eventually have the greatest potential impact on the organisation. We also foster community relations through events and support for community initiatives.

ASSETS MANAGEMENT– Our agency maintains and updates information on the organisation’s websites and engage their followers on social media sites, which are key assets of every organisation. Our activities also covers preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, case studies, speeches, annual reports, writing and editing of in-house magazines.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT– Our agency makes use of all forms of media and communications to build, maintain and manage the reputation of our clients. We also source and manage their speaking/sponsorship opportunities. We not only monitor the publicity, we also conduct researches to find out the concerns and expectations of the stakeholders.                                                                                                                   

INFLUENCER RELATIONS– This is the process of partnering with social media influencers. Due to their credibility and large followership on social media, we enlist their support for our campaigns. By helping you to develop these relationships, co-creation can begin and discussions can revolve around your brand.

 CONTENTS MANAGEMENT– The old adage,’ Content is King’ still rings true. Good content and messaging drives your paid, shared, and earned strategy, so it’s crucial to an integrated approach. Our agency creates relevant and helpful contents (audio, video, graphics and text) that ranks high and resonates at each stage of the customer journey to improve their overall experience. Instead of fighting for customer’s attention, we would create contents targeted at your well defined audience.

DIGITAL MARKETINGA larger percentage of some of our target audience wants information on click as you go basis, hence the heavy patronage on the internet. Because social media enables brands to communicate and engage with current and prospective customers, we will make use of a mix of online marketing tools such as sponsored ads, google adword, blogs, search engine, Twitter Trends, among others to create successful digital campaigns including the management of your company’s social media handles.

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS– Our expertise and communication strategies have helped to influence public policy at all levels of governance, persuading government officials to change or maintain certain policies. And when it also comes to being heard within the political arena, we would ensure your voice is heard.

CREATIVE DESIGNS– Large or small businesses need high-quality graphic designs and visual storytelling to make sales. Brands communicate with consumers using colors, fonts, websites, photography and logos. We have experience graphic designers and copywriters who will come up with high-quality designs and visual consistency across your integrated marketing campaign. It is cheaper to do it correctly the first time, than to catch up with your competitors after losing sales.